March 21, 2015

The Bikini Model Cookbook Review

The Bikini Model Cookbook Review

The Bikini Model Cookbook Review: Not All Models Are Nutrition Experts

While some diet programs (Metabolic Cooking, to name one stellar example) focus on the physiology of real people and adjust their eating habits to maximize their metabolisms, other programs like the Bikini Model Cookbook make big promises without backing them up with biology.

The Bikini Model diet fits the profile of a scam or fad diet rather than sound nutritional or physiological principles. Read on for my unbiased The Bikini Model Cookbook review.

The first thing that jumps out at me when I look at marketing materials for The Bikini Model Cookbook is the fact that this is a not a nutritional program designed (or sold) by what most of us women would call a “regular woman.”

Program designer Caithleen Heffernan actually IS a professional bikini model (as well as “a full time pilot”—what?) and her life just doesn’t resemble the one that most of the rest of us are living.

You know, out here in the real world.

Heffernan is quick to cite her cover credits on fitness and fashion magazine covers, but her photogenic body really doesn’t make her qualified as a nutrition expert.

(I stand by that statement despite her self-titled labels of “Gourmet Chef” and “Fitness Expert.”) Add in her offhanded references to “your trainer” and FAQs centered on competitions, and this is clearly not a program being marketed to most of us.

The Bikini Model Cookbook Review – How It Works (Supposedly)?

The Bikini Model Cookbook
According to Heffernan’s hype, the Bikini Model Cookbook recipes are examples of “clean” eating. She writes of her own bout with illness and depression (possibly the only time I can actually relate to her), but then concludes that these effects were the product of being “poisoned” by eating unclean foods.

After consulting a “naturopathic doctor,” Heffernan concluded that excitotoxins (artificial sweeteners) were to blame for her health symptoms.

A fact-checking side note before we go on: artificial sweeteners have been linked to potential ill-effects on health, but we’re talking massive doses to create that level of cause-and-effect reaction.

A second fact-checking side note: the research Heffernan cites to support her claim (and the basis for her diet) is outdated by more than two decades. You can take a look at the academic article yourself; it was published in the American Nutrition Association’s Nutrition Digest in 1994.

That said, the Bikini Model recipes eschew the use of artificial sweeteners, while employing buzzwords.

The Bikini Cookbook Model Review – What You’re Paying For?

The Bikini Model Cookbook ReviewThe price for this program actually isn’t too steep. (Or it wouldn’t be if it were a higher quality program. If we’re actually talking value, this is not a good use of your money.)

The website claims the list price is “Regularly $67,” now (and apparently perpetually) on sale for $49.99. I’m not a fan of marketers inflating the perceived value with this sort of gimmick, but that’s my own opinion.

Anyone who does choose to purchase the program will get the following resources, all delivered in the form of instantly accessible downloadable eBooks:

  • The Bikini Model Cookbook: Your All Natural Guide to Weight Loss and Your Own Bikini Body
  • The Bikini Model Grocery Guide
  • The Bikini Model New Recipe Updates (with cooking videos and fitness tips)
  • The Bikini Model Food Myths
  • Fitness Model Lifestyles

The Bikini Model Cookbook Commonly Asked Questions

In this case, I’m disinclined to dignify the Bikini Model Cookbook with a serious attempt at FAQs. I’ll just point out Heffernan’s own answer to a question posed on her website.

When asked why her cookbook is better than other diet and nutrition plans on the market, her best answer was to say that the “proof is in the pudding,” and you only see fat people eating pudding. Well, that’s not precisely how she worded it, but if that’s the best reason she can offer for the superiority of her own product, I am far from sold.

At a Glance: Possible Pros and Definite Cons
On the up side, I can at least say that the recipes and nutritional plan contained in this program won’t do any damage. (And honestly, that can’t be said for every fad diet.) On the Pro side:

  • This diet is not going to miraculously give anybody the body of a bikini model, but at least it consists of basic healthy eating.
  • One point Heffernan gets right is her observation that purchasing unprocessed ingredients at the grocery store will be generally be cheaper than buying prepackaged or processed foods.

On the Con side:

  • Your health may improve while following this diet, particularly if your previous diet has been drastically unhealthy, but it is not going to perform weight loss miracles for anybody. It certainly won’t magically give you a model’s body.
  • The Bikini Cookbook download can serve perfectly well as a functional and fairly healthy source of recipes, but there is no biological basis to support its claim to be a weight loss program.
  • Truly, there is no good reason to spend fifty bucks for a collection of one hundred and fifty recipes that could just as easily be found online or in less expensive cookbooks. Heffernan states on her website that she has created over a thousand recipes, but “didn’t want to overwhelm” her readers with that much information. If this were a thousand-recipe book, it would be a better value than it is currently, but either way will not be worth your money.

Barbara’s Recommendation:
NOT RECOMMENDED! I’ve purchased the Bikini Cookbook before this review and I am not impressed by it at all. There is not a complex or comprehensive program at work here; it is simply a collection of recipes that don’t happen to include artificial sweeteners or additives. Chances are, you could accomplish that much on your own! I have bought many cookbook and there are many other better option then The Bikini Model Cookbook. You are better off with other cookbook such as Metabolic Cooking. You can read my review on Metabolic Cooking here.

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