September 27, 2016

Does Sweat With Kayla Really Work?

does sweat with kayla really work

Does Sweat With Kayla really work? Read on to know the answer!

Australian born Kayla Itsines whose Bikini Body Guide has taken over the world, released an app in the hopes of gaining more followers and changing even more lives. The fitness app was called ‘Sweat With Kayla’.

Her dedication to making the body stronger and leaner knows no bounds. What started as a favour to her sister’s friends grew into a budding business, and with the help of a personal trainer friend, Kayla Itsines released a workout that changed the way women looked at exercise for good.

If you haven’t heard of her, you must really be living under a rock, because with over five million followers this woman is force to be reckoned with. Living what she teaches, Kayla Itsines is the ultimate role model, having made her success available right around the world. The Bikini Body Guide workout plan has taken everything we know and turned it upside down, and with the help of her eating guide H.E.L.P you can’t go wrong.

Does Sweat With Kayla Really Work?

With the success of her Bikini Body Guide e-books, Kayla was really hoping that Sweat With Kayla app will be just as successful. However, that wasn’t the case.

After the release of her app was met with a lot of disappointment, Kayla promised to listen to the feedback and make the necessary changes. The 7 day trial was brought down from $19.99 to $1.00, to make sure more ladies could afford it, and if it wasn’t for them it wouldn’t break the bank.

The Sweat With Kayla app has a beautiful interface and is easy to navigate. You get to choose your exercises, upload photos of yourself before, during and after, and also pick and choose from the healthy recipes  in the H.E.L.P. guide.

A grocery list accompanies the meals you choose and makes going out to buy what you need so much easier, and when paying $1.00 at first you can actually afford the almond milk. The Bikini Body Guides 1.0 and 2.0 are also available. With the added 3.0 version, which seems to fall short of anything new because it encompasses the same exercises just in a different order.

If you have already purchased the BBG e-books, the only extra offer of Sweat with Kayla is the 3.0 version of the Bikini Body Guide. Which you can do by yourself at home by just mixing up the exercises of the previous guides.

If you haven’t purchased the PDF versions, the app might just be for you. However, you may want to read this Is Sweat With Kayla Worth It? before purchasing the app.

Sweat with Kayla – Does it work?

It’s hard to see why it wouldn’t work, with all the success of her previous guides, the app has it all in one place. It’s the same recipe for success just a lot more user friendly and perhaps even easier to keep track of. Seeing your progress pictures over the course of the three months and witnessing the changes that are happening can only be motivation enough to continue on the Kayla Itsines journey.

All the exercises are explained and broken down for you, so you can get down and sweaty and work to make the changes you want to see. By following the app accordingly you will see and feel a change. And now with the added 2.0 and 3.0 versions you won’t have an excuse as to what to do when you’ve finished the first Bikini Body guide.

All you need is a splash of motivation to get you going and Sweat With Kayla will do the rest. It works, thousands of women around the world can’t be wrong. If you’re still on the fence, go over to Kayla’s Instagram and just have a look at all the success stories.

These women took her workouts and ran with it, literally. What’s easier than having your workouts with you all the time? You always have your cellphone on you. This helps with eliminating excuses of what exercise to do today.

So does Sweat With Kayla work? Yes, if you put in your effort into it. Everything is right there, at the tip of your fingers, you just have to get up and go at it. Hard work reaps rewards and if anyone knows this, it’s Kayla Itsines.


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