May 21, 2018

5 Tips for Running Injury Free

run injury free

You might have just added running or jogging to your Kayla Itsines’ Sweat App exercise routine, or you might already be a seasoned runner who has been doing this for several years and have already competed in several races and marathons.

In both cases, you’ll want to run injury free and without hurting yourself along the way. After all, you’re doing it for your health. Here’s how you can add running to your exercise routine and do so without fear or danger of injuring yourself in the process.

#1 – Walk before you run

If you want to run without hurting yourself, you should remember to walk before you run. It’s not just an expression that people use when they talk about life, it’s a real-life truth that also applies literally to running. You should start your exercise routine slowly and work your way up to higher speeds and longer distances instead of starting with high-impact exercise and risking serious injury.

#2 – Remember to stretch

You should always remember to stretch before and after exercise.  No, it’s not just something your parents told you to keep you out of the way. This one is completely and totally true.

If you stretch before you exercise, you’re allowing your body to get used to the idea of exercise and into exercise mode, so to speak. If you don’t, you shock your body into exercising when it isn’t ready – and you’re bound to hurt yourself. You might even tear or strain a muscle.

#3 – Remember to take a breather

You should always remember to take a ten to twenty minute breather during your exercise routine. Never run for too long without stopping to take a break – if you don’t do this, you’re only taking a very serious risk of injury and you might even kill yourself if you exercise your way into having a heart attack.

You should always take a break when you are exercising when you start to feel groggy, tired or your body starts to hurt – pain is always a sign that you should stop and relax first.

#4 – Eat Right

A healthy diet for runners is vitally important to having a healthy anything else. You’ll know just how bloated a huge meal can make you feel – and that’s exactly why a healthy diet means not eating a huge, heavy meal before you go to exercise.

This puts you at risk to tear vital things inside your body – or you could simply turn up with a serious case of indigestion. You should always eat small, energy boosting meals before you go for a run.

#5 – Hydrate Yourself Well

You should always keep hydrated when you’re out for a running session. Keep a few bottles of sports drink or water nearby to replace the fluids you lose through sweating when you exercise.

Here’s a tip: By the time your body starts feeling thirsty, you have already become seriously dehydrated. So drink enough fluids before you reach this point. Dehydration can have some nasty symptoms, including exhaustion, headaches and fainting spells.


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