April 25, 2017

8 Proven Ways to Prevent Depression

prevent depression

Preventing depression is a difficult task. Depression can be caused by a few sources.

From high cortisol levels that result in negative side effects on the mind and body, to an environment that is overstimulating, fighting depression can be a process.

It comes down to analyzing what triggers the worst feelings and finding ways to counteract/negate the effects.

Often, depression doesn’t come down to the whims of the individual but is relegated to the chemical balance within the brain.

There is a myriad of opportunities for anyone to fight the effects of depression and lead to a happier general mind state and mood.


exercise to cure depression

Research has pointed to several reasons why in both males and females, exercise is great for overall mood. Whether overly stressed or seasonally depressed, exercise when done consistently is one of the best methods for getting into great shape and keeping your mind and body healthy.

Whether women lifting weights to help boost endorphins or yoga to help boost peace of mind.  Taking the time to initially start by finding an activity you physically enjoy such as tennis or walking in the woods goes a long way to making healthy exercise a habit that is good for fighting off depression.


Sleep is extremely complicated. It is something we often take for granted. It is not a given for some that are severely depressed and for others it is an escape that can be used to lessen the weight of the world. When it comes to mental health not only sleep but a healthy restful sleep for the appropriate amount of time makes a difference.

Ideally, a person should sleep between 7-9 hours a day in a dark cool environment without stimulus.  For the best quality sleep, taking a melatonin with a cold shower and then retiring to a dark room without any light or electronic usage will lead to a quick and deep sleep that is unparalleled.

Your mind needs healthy sleep to function as that is when most information is processed and stress is depleted.

For those that have a very active lifestyle, a nap during the day can do wonders. Napping for as short as 15-20 minutes has been shown to boost moods substantially.


Meditation is both a deeply spiritual process that has been used for centuries as well as a pragmatic form of reflection that has been used for lessening stress.

Meditation is good for a few reasons. Meditation makes people relaxed.

This fights depression by being much better for your energy levels.

You are not using up important energy by being high strung on stressful moments.

Meditation keeps you centered.

It is much harder to get upset when centered.

Maintain Blood Sugars

Eating regularly is important as well. Without food, our body goes into ketosis a state without energy that makes us extremely irritable and aggressive.

This can cause massive mood swings and differences in energy levels that can lead to depression.  It is important to eat a balanced diet that is full of sugars and nutrients that are both delicious and enjoyable.

If you do not eat a balanced diet, you will find yourself on the worse side of emotional control.

Blood sugar keeps your body in check and without regular meals it can sink into a deeper depression and make you sleep more, turning into a vicious cycle of not eating and depression until its bitter end.

Avoid Drug/Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is a depressant. This mean that when you take alcohol in large quantities it can cause your emotions to fluctuate substantially to the degree that depression is merely a drink away.

If drunk until you reach a hangover, the depressive side effects are multiplied exponentially when combined with the heightened sense of irritability caused by the nausea associated with it.

Alcohol is often used by the depressed or the mentally ill to self-medicate. It temporarily removes the pain they feel and can make them feel elated or more normal.

However, all it does is exacerbate the problem and lead to a worse feeling that before after the alcohol passes. Not to mention, alcoholism is genetic and can lead to even worse situations.

No one ever hopes to see themselves down and out desperately searching for their next fix of a bottle.

Join Support Groups

It is said that misery loves company.

This is true for the depressed.

It is important to find what you love and often, you are not the first to experience what you are going through.

Finding a support group to work with and spend time with will make the pain seem less and less. You will find yourself doing activities with great people that love and share your feelings of the world. Having a healthy set of relationships can go far toward making the most of a difficult situation.

The support you find in groups builds the foundation for causing a change in your life that could be long lasting and massive.  It takes time and having someone to catch you when you slip makes a massive impact on what it means to recover and deal with a mental disorder easily.

Every connection becomes an olive branch that extends out to the bright future that could be seized if action is taken.

Create a Positive Attitude

The future is full of opportunity.

The limitation that are on it come down to what you are willing to sacrifice to make it happen. There will be roadblocks, moments of weakness, and moments of loss that will challenge your fortitude and will every step of the way.

But, nothing worth having ever came easy.

The most powerful tool for fighting depression and beating it comes down to having a positive mindset for the future. It is only a matter of time before success and normality can return and soon after where you will be able to continually develop into something greater than you ever were before.

Your only limit is not your mental disorder but yourself.

Join a Religious Group

Like support groups, religious groups are perfect for the development of one’s happiness. Being around likeminded people creates a sense of belonging.

Joining a religious group brings you around positive and spiritual people. Your mood and spirits will be lifted.

Final Thoughts

Depression can make life hell.

But the ways to prevent it can bring you back to life. Find friends, exercise, meditate these methods can bring you back to the former self.

Do not let depression take your life over.

You can change your life today.


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