October 18, 2016

How To Lose Weight Throughout The Day

How to lose weight throughout the day? Read on to learn how you can burn those fats throughout the day!

Losing weight is hard enough as it is. Every day you have to make a conscious effort to say no to that delicious cupcake and yes to the oh so yummy kale smoothie. Becoming healthier and fitter is a lifestyle, not just a diet added with a sprinkle of exercise.

Losing weight is hard enough as it is. Every day you have to make a conscious effort to say no to that delicious cupcake and yes to the oh so yummy kale smoothie. Becoming healthier and fitter is a lifestyle, not just a diet added with a sprinkle of exercise.

But what if there was a way to amp up weight loss and lose weight throughout the day? I’m here to tell you that there is, and it’s a lot easier than you think. By adding a few extra good choices during the day, you will definitely feel this difference in the long run. Remember a healthy lifestyle isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon!

Without further ado, ahead lies your secret to feeling healthier by the time you turn in for the night.

What To Do To Lose Weight All Day Long

6 o’clock; As soon as you’ve gone to the bathroom and made your way to put on the kettle, drink a large glass of water. It will make you feel fuller by the time you eat breakfast and help put a stop to the dreaded belly bloat. A small snack with some protein and low GI carbs will do wonders in jump-starting your metabolism. Opt for half a banana and a palm full of almonds.

If you’re a morning person now is the best time to squeeze in a morning workout. People who exercise in the morning tend to pile up more minutes than those who exercise in the evening. A morning workout will also help boost your metabolism for the day, torching more calories all day long.

7 o’clock; When you’re in the shower you can do stretches to wake up those muscles. A breakfast after your morning wash should include fiber and protein. About 10 grams for each will be more than enough.

You don’t have to be scared when eating healthy carbs in the morning, enjoying these early in the morning is a sure-fire way of knowing you’ll burn them off later during the day.

8 o’clock: Meal prep is so important for long term success in losing weight. This way you know what you’ll be eating later without having to run off to the closest store to buy a ham and cheese sarnie.

Your lunch should include low-fat protein, fresh vegetable, fiber, whole grains, and fruit for a sweet treat after.

9 o’clock; Staying hydrated is key to losing weight. When you get to work fill up a water bottle or glass with water and drink from it throughout the morning. Drinking enough water will keep the hunger at bay.

10 o’clock; Snack time! Have a mid morning snack which contains fiber. Make sure to keep the calorie intake under 150 calories.

11:00; Having a food diary has been proven to help you be successful in your weight loss journey. By writing down everything you eat, you see where you go wrong and where you can improve. Take this time to fill in your food diary, making sure to leave nothing out. Even if you’ve cheated it’s a good way to stay on top of things.

Seeing everything in one place will help keep you focused. Especially if you’ve had a good week in the past where you can turn back to, to see where you succeeded.

12:00; Go out for a lunch time walk. Invite a co-worker you get on well with, and take a brisk stroll around the block. If you have a bike you can also use this and get out in the fresh air.

You could also keep a pair of dumbbells under your desk and do a few arms exercises. If you’re looking for an easy and effective workout plan which you can do, try this great fitness plan.

Moving is a lot better than being sedentary. So get out there and clock those steps.

13:00; Time to eat your packed lunch. Make sure to enjoy it with a large glass of water and herbal tea without sugar, and skim milk.

14:00; If possible take your meeting outside and walk it out around the block. Even if you’re doing it by phone, talking whilst walking can help clear a foggy head, and burn a few calories.
You can also ask the same co-worker you get on with to join you again for a walk.

15:00; A snack under 150 calories is the best thing to keep your energy levels up. Everyone knows the afternoon slump attacks around about this time. You can have something sweet if you like, it will help overindulging later when you get home by knowing you had a treat at work.

16:00; Make a fresh brew of green tea. The caffeine will help keep you alert until knock off time. Green tea has many health benefits such as suppressing your appetite, revving up your metabolism and also  whiter teeth.

17:00; If possible you can walk home if it isn’t too far and safe for you to do so. Having a bicycle will also prove to be an easy and healthy way to get home. And you’ll be doing good for the environment too. The walk or ride home will help clear your head and reduce stress. So by the time you get up you’ve left work, well, at work.

18:00; A low-calorie dinner made with lots of veggies, low-fat protein and whole grains is the way to go for supper. Before sitting down to eat, put away the leftovers. This will help not going in for seconds and also be a delicious lunch the following day.

19:00; Brush your teeth while doing squats. The exercise will do wonders for you butt. Your fresh minty breath will help curb late night snacking when settling in for your favourite show.

20:00; When you’ve settled down in front of the TV, you can always do yoga to help loosen those muscles for the next day. Youtube has amazing beginner videos for those who’ve always wanted to try it out.

21:00; Get everything ready for tomorrow morning. Pack your workout clothes, and lay out your work outfit so you don’t have to rush and be late.

Do a few easy stretches before climbing into bed. Stretching will help relax the body for a good nights rest.

22:00; Get into bed and relax, listen to some meditation music to help you drift off into dream world. Pat yourself on the back for a healthy day, and remind yourself that healthy living is a marathon, not a sprint.

And that’s how you will lose weight throughout the day, by incorporating these healthy tips you will be on your way to a new and fitter you in no time!


I'm Barbara, a 37 year old mom who lost 50 POUNDS and got my ideal Bikini Body within 6 months! You can also consider me as the crash test dummy of bikini body, sharing what works (and what doesn’t) so you know exactly how to get your ideal 'bikini body' better!

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