September 23, 2016

What Is Kayla Itsines Workout?

what is kayla itsines workout

Are you wondering what is Kayla Itsines workout all about? At the young age of 18, Kayla Itsines finished her personal-training course from the Australian Institute of Fitness. She was leading group fitness exercises for older women when she realized it wasn’t fun for her or for them. Deciding to switch things up a bit she cranked up the music and lead a class filled with burpees, squats and planks. Clients were referring to her workout plan as the ‘

Deciding to switch things up a bit she cranked up the music and lead a class filled with burpees, squats and planks. Clients were referring to her workout plan as the ‘Kayla Itsines Workout‘.

What Is Kayla Itsines Workout Plan?

Needless to say, the ladies loved it. Not knowing where her journey would take her, friends of her younger sister asked her to help train them for netball, a sport similar to basketball. Kayla helped train the girls with her now-famous Kayla Itsines workout plan, focusing on their core strength to help with stability on the netball field. Squats and jumps were implemented to help build strong legs.

She accompanied the training with teaching them about eating healthy, and asking them to take before and after shots. The photos would help see the progress more clearly as the girls became leaner and fitter with her Bikini Body Guide program.

How Did Kayla’s Bikini Body Workout Became Famous?

Not knowing what Instagram was, Kayla’s young cousin suggested she join the social media platform to share the work she was doing, by posting the progress pictures of the women she had worked with. Within a few months she had gained hundreds of thousands of followers.

Women were asking for weight loss tips, workouts and if she would be willing to be their personal trainer. With the help of a fellow personal trainer, Itsines decided to sell her workout guide, so women all over the world could get in on the growing fitness phenomenon.

In January 2014 two PDF’s were released to be sold online, one about nutrition and the other exercise. Two years later and Itsines has grown in power and strength.

How Much Is Kayla Itsines Workout?

Wondering how much is Kayla Itsines Workout? Well, they can be purchased for one-time payment of only $39.97 from her discount site here. In my opinion, it’s really worth it’s price tag. It will be a very meaningful investment for your health and body.

How Much Is Kayla Itsines Workout

Is It Difficult To Follow The Bikini Body Guide Workout?

This women doesn’t beat around the bush, her workouts are hard. It makes you sweat, a lot. Women who are already fit struggle with her programs, hence the pre-workout program that can be done before tackling the tougher guides. Here are some important thing it helps you with;

  1. It slowly builds up your stamina and fitness so you can take on the more difficult programs afterwards.
  2. Although the exercises are hard, Itsines guides aren’t hard to follow. With a lot of dedication and splash of motivation it is doable.
  3. The workouts are broken up into 7 minute intervals, which is done under 30 minutes. Each day targets a different body part and muscle group. On the seventh day you rest.  You can either go for a stroll in the park, or perhaps some shopping.
  4. Because looking at clothes you want to wear will be good motivation to continue the sweat festival of Kayla Itsines.

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Workout – How hard is it really?

Any exercise program that promises to melt away the pounds isn’t going to be easy. You cannot exercise and eat junk food. It’s either 150% or you won’t get the results you want. So coordinating it with a healthy eating plan will be beneficial.

Kayla has a free healthy eating guide to follow with the Bikini Body Guide. With both of these tools, success will be a matter of putting in the work every day.

Kayle Itsines workouts aren’t hard to follow, all the exercises are explained to you in the guide. You don’t need to be part of a gym, although it doesn’t matter if you are. If you are doing the workouts at home there are a few things you will need though;

  • a jump rope
  • medicine ball
  • yoga mat
  • and dumbbells.

Investing in these items will still be cheaper than paying a monthly a gym fee.

Her exercises are quick to do. Intervals of 7 minutes, two sets of each done twice. This brings the minutes done exercising to just under 30 minutes.

The community is very positive, #kaylasarmy is filled with women who motivate and support each other. You’ll never feel alone during your journey of becoming fit. The PDF guide can be downloaded to your phone, laptop or Ipad. This means it can go with you everywhere. So no more excuses on that weekend away or holiday trip to your parents.

The keys to success here is making the time to do the workouts, being consistent every single day, and making use of the amazing support system out there. Motivation  eventually turns into discipline, and that’s when greatness happens.

I hope this answered your question on what is Kayla Itsines workout? Whatever you choose to do, I wish you only luck in your fitness journey!


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