March 22, 2015

How To Get A Bikini Body Fast ; The ABCs and 1-2-3s

How To Get A Bikini Body

Are you among the countless woman around the world figuring out how to get a bikini body fast? If you think the phrase ‘bikini body’ is only intended to refer to professional fitness instructors and beer-commercial girls, raise your hand.

Okay, put your hand down now. People are staring.

If you think a slamming hot body is something you’ll never have again once you’ve reached the other side of a certain birthday or a pregnancy (and if you raised your hand the first time), it is definitely time for you to start rethinking!

You don’t have to look like a magazine model to have a real woman’s bikini body, nor do you have to feel flawless before you break out that two-piece for the beach. Despite what we see in the media, stick-thin limbs are not required for beauty, confidence, or health.

In fact, here’s a challenge for you: next time you’re at the beach, watch some men as they watch women. Sure, they’ll take a look at a thin young thing—but their eyes are also drawn to smiling, confident women who are fit and healthy and comfortable in their own skin. Even with their own skin showing. Now THAT’s (zero-calorie) food for thought!

It’s true that most of us don’t have the luxury of personal trainers and expensive gym memberships and hours every day to devote to sculpting our bodies. Honestly, most of us wouldn’t want to.

But we can absolutely address the areas of our body that make us self-conscious or uncomfortable. We can absolutely improve our overall health at the same time that we slim down and tone up and change what we see in the mirror.

And when we do that, what we see in the mirror is likely to be a grin! Without subjecting yourself to the horrors of crash dieting or extreme workouts, here’s how to get a bikini body fast.

The ABCs on How to Get A Bikini Body Fast

how to get a bikini body fastIf you want to enjoy a two-piece swimsuit again—or if you just want to fit better in your clothes, enjoy more energy for family and job, and feel better all around—here are the ABCs that form the tripod supporting your healthy plan to transform your body.

A is for Activity

A is for activityEvery plan to improve health and wellness needs to include physical activity. If you’re carrying more weight than you would like, that’s a pretty clear indicator that your activity and your nutrition aren’t balanced.

If you struggle to exercise because you don’t know what to do, then I advice you to try this home workout plans for women so that you know how to start exercising.

The project of losing weight and toning up is not accomplished by exercise alone (See “B” below), but physical activity is an important component too.

You don’t need an expensive gym or a huge commitment of time. Your activity plan can be as simple as walking briskly through the neighborhood’s streets. Or it can be as complex as a customized workout plan that targets specific areas of the body.

There is a wide spectrum of valid and effective approaches to this component of your health plan, and so long as you choose one that is reasonable as well as healthy, you will see improvements in your energy levels as well as your looks over time.

B is for Balanced Nutrition!

balanced dietAs I mentioned above, we’re looking for balance when we try to improve our bodies. Choosing a bikini body diet is about much more than simply cutting calories, and should not be only about losing weight either.

It may be that you’ve been consuming a little too heavily on the calorie side, but it is just as important that you pay attention to the nutrients you are consuming (or missing).

A balanced nutrition plan should provide all the nutritional needs of your increasingly active body, while sticking to the types of foods that actually keep your body in good working order.

Most likely you will also want to focus on foods or plans that keep your metabolism high (burning fat faster and helping you feel energetic).

And yes, you might want to cut your calorie count, but don’t overdo it. If you decrease too drastically, your body naturally responds by wanting to stash away extra energy reserves, which means creating fat cells, the opposite of what you want!

Nutritional planning can be more complicated than we realize at first glance, so you might consider a solid nutritional guide to help you navigate, and to simplify your already busy life.

Try a worthwhile and inexpensive investment on healthy recipe books like the Metabolic Cooking, for example, and you will find your goals being met with relatively little hassle or headache.

C is for Celebrating Improving Wellness!

Improving wellnessJust as important as taking action in the first two categories is recognizing and celebrating the ways in which those actions are starting to show results. Don’t be narrow minded in how you measure results; you should find plenty of things to celebrate even on days when the scale doesn’t yet show the changes you might have hoped to see already.

What else is there to celebrate? Here are just a few thoughts:

  1. Increased energy
  2. Better complexion, healthier hair and skin and nails
  3. Even small changes in how your clothing fits you, like a button-up shirt that doesn’t gape at the chest the way it used to, or a pair of jeans that zip a little more easily
  4. Increased confidence because you know you’re on a path of positive change, and you know your activity and balanced diet will improve how you feel as well as how you look
  5. Improved motivation to take on other things that used to feel daunting, now that you’re doing well with a health plan.

My friend Sarah, who swore she’d never quit smoking, unexpectedly ended up doing so after a few weeks of workouts. She said she was feeling so good about her workouts, she didn’t want to “ruin it” with a smoke afterward.

Another friend, Kallie, started taking her kids to the park after school (a request she had always dodged because she didn’t feel like walking there) because it dawned on her that she was walking around purposely for exercise in the morning, and she could just as well walk around in the afternoon to please her kids.

Keep your mind open to appreciate even the little changes you can celebrate. Those can make it easier to hang on if you hit a day where you’re less motivated!

Here’s a hint: the bathroom scale and measuring tape are not the only indicators of improvement, or even necessarily the best ones!

My cousin Shani, is the perfect illustration of this idea; feeling frumpy at her fortieth birthday, Shani undertook to overhaul her health habits and transform her body.


My cousin Shani!

By her forty-first birthday, Shani had gone from a size twelve to a size two (definitely a bikini body)! But here’s the kicker: she only weighed twenty pounds less than she had weighed ten sizes ago! She too used this beach body workout to get her bikini body.

She had burned a fair amount of fat, and she had also added muscle, which weighs more than fat. Your scale can “lie” to you like that, but your eyes and your clothing won’t.

The 1-2-3s of Logging Your Journey to a Bikini Body

logging your journeyIn concordance with the ABCs above, I suggest a list of three things you should log or journal to help you with your health plan.

  1. Keep a workout log or activity log, and don’t forget to include physical activities that happen “accidentally” rather than as part of your workout plan. Definitely make notes about your weightlifting workout or your time on the exercise bike or your daily walk—but also include the backyard softball game with your kids, or even the marathon mall-walk with your shopping buddy.
  2. Keep a food log so you can see what you are actually eating, and how much. This can be even more important for the “little things” (a snack or a bite here and there) than for your actual meals, because we tend to consider our meals more carefully. It is not uncommon for people to be shocked when their food log shows them how much they actually snacked, when they were hardly thinking about a bite here and there.
  3. Keep a success log or journal! When change happens gradually, it can be difficult to notice (and consequently difficult to celebrate). Sometimes you need to be able to remind yourself that things are improving, and looking back over the course of your journey (so far), you might be able to see more clearly that you are seeing results.
  • Take occasional pictures so you can see objectively how your body is changing. You may not feel like you’re making progress, but look back to that picture from two months ago, and you’ll see that your face is a little leaner, or your stomach a little flatter, or…
  • Make notes of “milestone moments,” like compliments from people who see the changes in you (or in your habits), or the first time you do something you hadn’t done for a while, or the way a favorite piece of clothing fits you better.

My Transformation Pictures / Success Log

What do you get when you add ABC and 1-2-3? Over time, you get a healthier and happier life, and a body that you’ll be proud to flaunt at the beach!

Do you have your own tips to share on how to get a bikini body? Please comment below and share with me your tips!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article on how to get a bikini body fast!

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