March 22, 2015

Bikini Body Diet

Bkini Body Diet

When you hear words like “bikini body diet” do you automatically assume someone is selling a scam? Let’s be honest: many times that’s true, and if a diet or fitness program is promising that you’ll look like a magazine cover in six weeks, you should probably pass it by.

But let’s also be realistic: you don’t have to look like a magazine cover before you can feel comfortable in a two-piece swimsuit.

We all tend to have “problem areas” that make us self-conscious (especially after having kids), but even a busy mom can set attainable goals of improving her health and fitness, enjoying her increased energy and health, as well as an appearance that’s improving in trim and tone.

A healthy bikini body diet program can assist us in achieving that kind of goal.

What is a Bikini Body Diet?

Bikini Body DietThe way I see it, the Bikini Body Diet should be a sound, biology-based approach to improving a woman’s health through great nutrition. Having said that, it’s also true that the motivation many of us tend to use for getting healthier is how we feel about our appearance.

And there’s no shame in that, especially when it serves as a positive motivator.

But what if your discomfort with your current appearance has more of a negative impact on your psyche and motivation? Try putting a slight spin on that motivating thought, and instead of focusing on how you feel about your appearance right now, focus on how you want to feel.

Referring to a nutrition plan as something like a “Bikini Body mommy diet” can put all your positive priorities into one name, and you can be reminded of your goals every time you say or see that name.

The best versions of bikini body diet should help you improve how you perceive yourself while simultaneously boosting your underlying and overall health.

When it comes down to it, any weight loss plan for women should be a healthy eating plan for women!

Why is a Bikini Body Diet Important to Get a Bikini Body?

nutrition planning

The word diet or “bikini diet” has probably taken on a lot of negative baggage in our society. That’s partly due to the fact that so many of us have tried diets that didn’t work for us, and even diets that rebounded with a worse end-result than we started with.

Another contributing factor to that negative connotation is the emotional baggage that we carry about our own dieting attempts. Very few of us have been gleeful when we turned down a favorite treat with the explanation, “I’m on a diet.”

The only people who have ever said those words with a smile are the ones for whom the diet is doing great things. For a lot of women, that hasn’t been their experience!

If the idea of dieting has you cringing and frowning, try a shift in semantics, even in your own mind. “I’m embarking on a new nutrition plan for my family.” There, doesn’t that sound more positive? There’s no denying that our own attitude about our eating can affect how successfully we stick to a change in lifestyle.

And don’t kid yourself: undertaking a new way of eating is exactly that.

It’s a necessary change, though, for anybody who wants her body to change. If we have a “pooch” or a roll or a problem patch of cellulite it’s because our eating and our activity levels are not in balance.

You could be eating carefully, or even sparingly, but not using your major muscle groups or raising your heart rate regularly. You could be working out like a fiend but consuming far too many empty calories. One way or another, the “problem areas” that make us self-conscious are actually indicators that we’re not being as balanced as we should be in our intake and activity.

To create the most change and enjoy the best results, you will want to address both aspects of that balance. Some sort of activity or exercise should be part of your daily life, but you also need to pay attention to how you’re fueling your body.

Most women don’t realize it, but the nutrition plan can actually be the more difficult and complex of the two issues to tackle! When it comes to exercise, you can follow any number of different exercise plans to target specific muscle groups, but you can also just step onto a Stairmaster or plug in your iPod and walk briskly around the streets of your town.

Even the simple forms of exercise will result in improved health, burned off calories, and better energy levels.

Nutrition, though, is complex by its very nature. You have to consider the various nutrients your body requires (and no, the “four food groups” diagram from your grade school days won’t really cut it). You have to consider the number of calories you consume, which means you have to figure out how many calories are in the things you eat.

And you have to circumvent some of the body’s natural responses to dietary changes, like its tendency to start trying to conserve energy (by storing away fat) in response to a drastic decrease in calories (which your body is programmed to perceive in terms of being “in danger of starvation”).

Nutritional planning is actually quite a juggling act, and the overwhelming nature of the task has caused more than one woman to throw up her hands in defeat. That’s where a nutritional plan (or a diet, if you don’t mind the word) can save the day, by providing viable options that can be used in real life, and without all the mental calculations!

What is the Best Bikini Body Diet?

best plan

When you embark on a Bikini Body diet in a quest for your own “better body,” consider a nutritional guide that includes many of the following features:

  • Ready-to-go recipes that will fit your budget and your schedule and your lifestyle. If you’re standing in front of the fridge frustrated by the question of what you can fix for lunch, your diet may already be in danger.
  • An easy way to plan your shopping and cooking, whether it be a schedule of fully planned meals (with the necessary nutritional elements already mapped out) or a mix-and-match approach that gives you options of different dishes to combine for the right kind of meal. If your plan comes with pre-prepared grocery lists or similar resources, all the better!
  • Variety! Too many diet plans have a limited number of meal options, or a two-week cycle of meal plans, or a similar dearth of variety. If you get bored with what you’re eating, it’s going to be that much more difficult to stick with your plan, let alone enjoy yourself while you’re doing it.
  • A set of explanatory guidelines that will help you get a grasp on the reasons behind the food choices included in your diet. You might be merrily following along the set path of a meal plan, and suddenly find yourself at a loss when you’re faced with a restaurant menu, unless you have a basic understanding of what types of choices your plan is based on.

Ultimately, the nutritional guide you should look for is one that helps you shift your old eating habits to a healthier, sustainable set of habits. If you follow a thirty-day plan or a six-week crash diet, what do you think will happen when that designated time period is up?

You’ll go right back to your original habits, probably with a sense of relief that you “made it” through the diet plan. In the long term, you won’t see any benefits at all from that sort of approach.

When you look for a nutritional guide, you’re looking for a lifestyle-changer. Consider a plan or cookbook like the Metabolic Cooking that will fit perfectly with the suggested criteria above. (Read my Metabolic Cooking Review)

What Types of Dieting or Bikini Diet Should I Avoid?

We’ve already touched on it, but it’s worth saying again: avoid crash diets, fad diets, scam diets. scheme diets, and pretty much any diet that promises what you know to be impossible. You don’t have to spend a fortune (or anything close to a fortune) to establish a solid, workable, effective bikini diet plan. If a “pretty young thing” is promising your body will look like hers if you spend big bucks on her diet plan, my advice is to run, don’t walk (the jog will be good for you anyway) in the other direction.

Overpriced, low value diets like the Bikini Model Cookbook or Kayla Itsines nutrition review are simply not a good use of your money. Try my free Bikini Body Diet Meal Plan, and save your money for that new bikini you’ll be shopping for soon!

If you are looking for an effective bikini body diet that is effective and for free, you can download my eBook – Barbara’s Bikini Body Diet Meal Plan for FREE. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


I'm Barbara, a 37 year old mom who lost 50 POUNDS and got my ideal Bikini Body within 6 months! You can also consider me as the crash test dummy of bikini body, sharing what works (and what doesn’t) so you know exactly how to get your ideal 'bikini body' better!

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