October 6, 2016

BBG Program Cult by Kayla Itsines

bbg program kayla itsines

Being a part of the BBG program by Kayla Itsines (Bikini body guide) cult certainly does have its perks. People who have witnessed my transformation from an overweight piker to this athletic looking dish (someone called me that on the beach last week), are eager to know the ‘secret’ behind my jaw-dropping transformation everywhere.

I have tried my best to explain. To be honest and there isn’t a day that goes without me talking about Kayla Itsines or the Bikini Body Guide. But an honest tête-à-tête never suffices for most people and they end up asking me about the BBG program by Kayla Itsines.

BBG Program by Kayla Itsines

I have learned it the hard way that by review, people just want to hear what they like to hear. For example, the other day, I told a colleague that the Bikini Body Guide was certainly going to help her, but she would have to sweat it out for at least 30 minutes a day.

That I suppose was not the BBG program Kayla Itsines review she wanted to hear. She, in my opinion, just wanted to hear that the program was going to magically transform her into a svelte looking teenager. If that is what you are looking for from a weight loss program, then sorry to disappoint you.

The Bikini Body Guide Program will test you

The BBG will be the ultimate test of your fitness, endurance, will and stamina. If you have exercised before, it will stretch your limits and make you use muscles that you never knew you had. The LISS workouts may seem like a walkthrough. But wait till you start to do those burpees. That’s when things go to a different level.

From there on, it’s a challenge to keep up with the fervent pace that the program builds up. But it would be fair to say that it is never overwhelming. Kayla Itsines has designed the program immaculately and it grows on you as any workout routine should, rather than just scaring you or causing injuries due to the extreme intensity which I have noticed with other programs like Beachbody.

Two rounds of Plyometric in Shaun T’s Insanity program is all that it took for me to have sore and swollen knees for three weeks. Not with the Bikini body guide. The program is designed for people of all fitness levels. Irrespective of whether you are obese or just looking to drop a few pounds, the BBG will get you there, provided you continue with it.

You won’t get bored

The Bikini Body guide has also motivated me to go beyond BBG. My definition of fitness is no longer limited to the confines of a room. I participate in cyclathons, marathons and swimming events to stay fit. ust when I am ready to grind it out for a second session, I start with BBG 2.0, the more enhanced version of the Bikini Body Guide.

Just when I am ready to grind it out for a second session, I start with BBG 2.0, the more enhanced version of the Bikini Body Guide.

I have never felt bored with the workouts and it has changed me as a person. That, in my opinion, is the best BBG program Kayla Itsines review that I can give you. Do you have it in you to change? Then welcome to the cult.


I'm Barbara, a 37 year old mom who lost 50 POUNDS and got my ideal Bikini Body within 6 months! You can also consider me as the crash test dummy of bikini body, sharing what works (and what doesn’t) so you know exactly how to get your ideal 'bikini body' better!

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