October 20, 2016

7 Reasons Why You Should Exercise In The Morning

morning workout

No-one like getting up early in the morning. But there are many reasons to get up and out of the bed while the rest of the world are still sleeping.

By 8am you would’ve worked out and had a healthy breakfast as you saunter into the office.

Getting up early means getting a good night’s rest, so make sure you get to bed at an hour that you know you’ve had enough hours of sleep.

Now with the holiday season coming upon us like the speed of light, your schedule will be full and a little frantic. Parties after work, the office party, and drink with friends who will be coming to visit.

With your calendar about to pop it’s a good idea to squeeze in your workout in the morning so you don’t have to worry about it later in the day.

Why You Should Work Out In The Morning

You could stay home

If leaving the house so early makes you a bit anxious you could always stay at home and exercise in the comfort and safety of your house.

There are many workouts available on Youtube, even if you’re a beginner. This Kayla Itsines workout plan is an example of an effective at home workouts for women you should try.

Burn more fat

By starting your day with a workout your metabolism will rev up, meaning more calories will be burnt throughout the day. This is helpful considering all the holiday treats that will be making their appearance in the office this time of year. Bring on those delicious cupcakes!

Staying focused

Distractions will be at a minimum. No texts, emails or phone calls when you’re getting your workout on. This means you can stay focused and present throughout your morning routine without worrying that your boss will be looking for you.

You’ll be on time for happy hour

It’s never just one drink. We all know this. When the wine starts to flow and the conversation is great you won’t be making the gym afterward. And even if you want to it’s not a good idea to exercise under the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol dehydrates you, so by exercising you will lose even more fluids. Rather go home at a reasonable hour and make your morning workout the following day.

Beating the crowds

When getting up so early and heading out while the world is still asleep, means no crowds in the gym. You can stay focused on yourself and no waiting for a treadmill to open. You can enjoy your morning walk/jog stress-free.

Ready for the rest of the day

All those endorphins so early in the morning helps sets the tone for a healthy day. You’ll have more energy and your mood will be in the clouds.

When you’ve already put in the sweat work it’ll make it easier to say no to those office treats or that chocolate bar you’ve been eyeing. When feeling this good you’ll only want to refuel your body with the best!

Not having to get up that much earlier

If you’ve somehow overslept or overdid it on the wine the previous evening, there are many 15-minute full body workouts routine on the internet. Most of these exercises target your arms, abs and legs. So you’ll still walk out the door with a feel good mood.

Now I want to hear your reason to why we should workout in the morning! Leave your comments below!


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