October 28, 2016

7 Foods That Will Help You Burn Belly Fat

foods that will burn belly fat

What if I told you that besides doing bikini body exercises, there are foods you can eat that will help you lose weight?

Some of us are so scared of eating the wrong thing when there are quite a few delicious things we can eat to help us beat the bulge. Food isn’t supposed to be scary. It is used as fuel for our bodies and when we see it as such our entire mindset will change.

I’m not saying you should completely cut out cupcakes, all I’m saying is that if you incorporate these 7 foods you would be able to have that cupcake on Sunday and not even feel guilty. You can even try these bedtime snacks to burn those belly fat.

burn fat with food

So here are 7 fat loss foods you should start eating now:

Coconut Oil

The craze that surrounds this oil is completely the real deal. Coconut oil is a super-food you can use in all your recipes. By eating this oil with you food you will feel fuller for longer, which means less snacking and binging. The other reason to add this to your grocery list is that it reduces belly fat.

It is high in calories, so instead of adding it onto your food, rather cook or fry your food in it. This way you get all the benefits without all the extra calories.


I always get excited when grapefruit are in season. It’s something I eat with my breakfast every day.

Grapefruit is loaded with vitamin C, and actually helps reduce insulin resistance. Other than that studies have proven that eating half a grapefruit before your meals can help you shed 1.6kg over a span of 12 weeks.

So when the humble grapefruit is in season grab yourself a few and enjoy!


First of all the avocado is a fruit, for some reason early in my life I always thought it was a vegetable. Thank goodness I got with the program because boy, does this fruit pack a punch.
It is high in monounsaturated oleic acid which can also be found in olive oil. This is the good kind of fat we all are looking for.

Added to salads it can help increase the uptake of the nutrients in other vegetables. The avocado will keep you full because it has a good amount of fiber in it too.

By chopping the avocados up and adding it to your salad or spread on a piece of wholegrain toast, you can’t go wrong.

Whole Grains

Carbs have gotten a rather bad reputation in recent years, but some types are a lot healthier than you think. Those that include whole grains are packed with fiber and actually has a decent amount of protein too.

Quinoa, oats and brown rice are three prime examples. These three are the heroes of the whole grains because they keep you fuller for longer. By slowly releasing energy you will definitely snack less. These three whole grains are also packed with good nutrients.

Remember to always look at the labels when you’re buying whole grains. Anything highly processed should be put back. Try looking for less processed grains with almost zero sugar.


Low in calories yet high in protein. Tuna is a lean fish so it doesn’t have a lot of fat in it at all.

When buying tuna be sure to buy it in water and not the oil. This way you save on the calories even more.

Chicken and Lean beef

Protein being the most filling nutrient of all, is why these two are on my list. By eating a diet high in protein you can burn 80 to a 100 more calories a day. Upping your protein has also shown to cut down on craving by 60%, so that’s less late night snacking!


Recent studies have shown that the egg doesn’t have an adverse effect on blood cholesterol, which means it isn’t the cause of heart attacks.

High in protein and healthy fats these little miracles will keep you fuller for longer without a huge amount of calories. Eating eggs for breakfast has been proven to satiate women specifically, making them eat less for the next 36 hours.

That’s definitely a great reason to have your eggs and eat them too!

By introducing a few of the above foods to your pantry or fridge you will definitely be on the road to weight loss in no time. Just make sure not to eat too much of any it. Portion control is key! And do not forget to do these abs workouts to further burn those belly fat!


I'm Barbara, a 37 year old mom who lost 50 POUNDS and got my ideal Bikini Body within 6 months! You can also consider me as the crash test dummy of bikini body, sharing what works (and what doesn’t) so you know exactly how to get your ideal 'bikini body' better!

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