November 3, 2016

6 Weird Reasons You Are Gaining Weight

reasons you are gaining weight

We all know the big reasons why people gain weight. Snacking, not enough or not exercising, and lots of sugary drinks are some reasons why you’re packing on the pounds.

Perhaps you’ve been working out with Kayla Itsines Sweat App and instead of losing weight, you’re gaining the weight. What you don’t know is that there are other reasons why you could be gaining weight too you didn’t even know about.

Read on to find out what these are and how you can stop or prevent this from happening to you.

  1. Iron:

    Yes, Iron is good for you, and you often hear about the effects of low iron. What you don’t know is consuming too much iron plays a big factor into weight gain.

A study done at Wake Forest School of Medicine acquired mice and put some on a low-iron diet and some on a high-iron diet while tracking their levels of Leptin, which is a hormone that helps control your appetite. The results were astonishing. The mice who were on the high-iron diet ate more calories than those who were on the low-iron diet.

After this study, they checked the Leptin levels on 76 people and discovered those with higher iron in their systems had lower Leptin levels which make them get hungrier more than those with lower iron levels.

To keep your iron levels low, you should stay away from red meat. Cook that steak or burger well-done, and you will find yourself just a little less hungry.

  1. Alone at home:

    Living alone may be a big contributing factor to some of those who have unexpectedly gained weight.

At the Queensland University of Technology, researchers analyzed previous studies, 41 to be exact, to contemplate the connection between people who live alone, and those who don’t. As it turns out, those who eat fewer veggies, fruits, and fish and have a poorly assorted diet live alone.

How can you change this? Take a friend shopping with you. You can also see a nutritionist too. You don’t have to necessarily “diet”, but making sure you are eating the right foods to keep yourself healthy is essential.

The reason behind these marks are indistinct, but researchers believe people who live alone may lack incentive and enthusiasm to cook healthy meals if they cook at all. Most rely on takeout or frozen meals you just pop in the microwave. These mostly lack the necessary nutrients that your body needs.

  1. Thyroid:

    Some people suffer from a disorder called hyperthyroidism. Your thyroid is a gland in your neck and regulates a widespread array of bodily functions including metabolism. For unknown reasons, your thyroid can become under-active. This is hypothyroidism.

Weight gain is a common symptom, and it is not easily fixable. No matter how much you diet and exercise you are going to have trouble losing weight, and even have trouble keeping yourself from gaining.

To read more about hyperthyroidism and other symptoms and under-active thyroid might cause, visit this website. If you feel you could be suffering from this, I suggest you contact your doctor.

  1. H2O:

    If you’re not drinking enough water, especially before meals you are more likely to gain weight. Water is good for our bodies, and it’s more than likely you know this already.

Water helps regulate our body temperature, as well as gives us more energy. If you are not drinking enough water, you are more than likely to eat more calories. Why is this? Water is a natural appetite blocker. Adding another fact, when you get dehydrated your body will preserve water for vital body functions. When this happens you’ll find a larger number when you step on the scale.

Get less hungry by drinking more water. To learn how much water you should be drinking, look here. You will find lots of useful information on benefits from increasing the amount of water you drink.

  1. Protein:

    You may not be eating enough of this is you find yourself gaining weight. Protein is important and here’s why.

Protein helps fill you up more, as it is more slowly digested than carbohydrates. This is going to help keep you from overeating. Another very important factor is what protein does for your health.

Protein keeps lean muscles and cells healthy, and if you are not consuming enough protein in your diet, this will lead to less muscle mass. Loss of muscle mass equals a slower metabolism, which is going to lead to weight gain over time. Find out the best protein food to eat and keep those muscles strong.

  1. Medications:

    There is quite a long list of medications that could be causing your clothes to become snug. Some drugs stimulate your appetite or slow your body’s metabolism.

Other medications can make you drowsy, making you less physically energetic, while others can make you retain liquids, also contributing to a weight increase.

If you suspect your medication is giving you trouble with your weight, contact your doctor before stopping your medication. You are prescribed this medication for a reason, and without knowing the side effects from stopping, you may be doing yourself more harm than good.

There are so many tiny and weird reasons why you find yourself gaining weight. Try not to stress too much. Try to identify what your cause could be and work on bettering it, if it’s possible. Sometimes things are beyond our control.


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