March 9, 2018

5 Reasons Why Sweating is So Freaking Good for You

why sweating is good

There are few better ways to increase your energy levels, lose weight and improve your long term health than ‘getting a sweat on’.

That’s because sweating is a sign that you’ve been exercising, which in turn means you’ve been burning calories, building muscle or generally pushing yourself physically.

But what may surprise you to learn, besides doing the Sweat with Kayla App workout is that sweating itself is actually very good for you too. The very process of sweating is just one additional way in which the gym benefit your health and in this post, we’re going to look at 5 reasons that this is the case.

1) It’s Great for Your Skin

The term ‘detox’ is something of a dirty word in the scientific community. That’s because it doesn’t actually mean anything in the sense that is often implied. Your body actually has countless processes that allow it to detoxify naturally and there’s no evidence to suggest that any of the many detox products on the shelves do anything to aid this.

But detoxing your skin is something that healthcare professionals can get behind – and sweating is one of the best ways to do just that. When you sweat, your pores open up and fluid washes them out. This helps to remove unwanted toxins, bacteria and grime that can otherwise lead to acne, rashes and more problems.

2) It Kills Germs

What’s more, is that sweating actually cleans your skin. Sure, you won’t smell particularly clean after a vigorous workout, but that sweat actually contains ‘antimicrobial peptides’ which can help to eliminate unwanted bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Sweat even helps to attract good bacteria, which may help to encourage a health ‘microbiome’. This is a cutting edge field of research that we’re only just exploring. All we know so far is that a healthy ‘flora’ is very important for us indeed!

3) It Makes You Feel Good

You’ve probably heard that exercise boosts your endorphins. This is what gives us the ‘runners’ high’ which makes cardio so addictive for many people.

What might surprise you thought, is that sweating is actually one of the very things that helps encourage this hormone production. You may even find that you can pick up on feel good hormones from other people during exercise – at least one study has demonstrated that endorphins are increased when we train in a group setting with other sweaty people!

This makes a lot of sense, considering how we also use scent to select potential partners!

4) It Helps Regulate Your Temperature

Of course, the whole point of sweating is to help regulate your temperature. When you sweat, the fluid will sit on your skin and then ‘steal’ heat energy in order to evaporate. This helps you to avoid overheating, thereby allowing you to train harder for longer – not to mention preventing dehydration during a fever.

What’s more though, is that you can actually acclimatize to heat over time. This in turn can help you to perform better and to avoid overheating during tests of your endurance! Sitting in the sauna may just help your marathon times! Tim Ferriss has gone as far as to suggest that saunas may even be comparable to performance enhancing drugs!

5) It Offers Useful Biofeedback

Finally, sweating is a great sign that you’re working hard. Once you ‘break a sweat’, you know that you’ve pushed your body to a point where it is starting to overheat. This is a powerful cue that can help you to ensure you are getting the very most from your home workouts and to learn your own limits.

Listen to your body!


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